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Open Statement - our sustainability work

BNP Paribas Nordic Open wants to take responsibility for the event's impact on people and the environment. We want to create positive values that continue to live on even after the tournament. We also want to inspire other sporting events to work with sustainability issues and at the same time contribute to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Our vision is to create a sustainable world-class tennis tournament!

The vision is great, and the journey to reach our goals will take time. The process has only just begun and we welcome you to take part in the development here during the year.

BNP Paribas Nordic Open was founded in 1969 on the initiative of former world player Sven Davidsson and is today owned by KLTK to 40 percent, SALK to 40 percent and Tennis Stockholm to 20 percent. BNP Paribas Nordic Open is the world's oldest indoor tournament on the ATP tour and the only one played in a real tennis hall, the Royal Tennis Hall. BNP Paribas Nordic Open takes place during a week in October and involves about 350 volunteers and over 30,000 visitors.

Sustainability shall permeate all of BNP Paribas Nordic Open's operations and activities to create values that live on even after the tournament week. Our sustainability policy contains BNP Paribas Nordic Open's intended priorities, responsibilities and contributions for a more sustainable development of the tournament and society.

Our sustainability strategy, which has been determined based on the tournament's stakeholders, the impact on people and the environment, as well as the opportunities and challenges it entails for the business, includes four focus areas:

Reduced climate impact
Sustainable consumption and production
Safe and inclusive implementation
Common values and sustainable economy
Through a purposeful and structured work for reduced climate impact and sustainable use of resources as well as a safe and inclusive activation of the tournament, we can together and with common values also contribute to clean and accessible tennis.

BNP Paribas Nordic Open supports Agenda 2030 in its entirety. All employees have both responsibilities and opportunities to contribute to several of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We also support the UN initiative Sports for Climate Action, a joint effort to reduce the climate footprint that sports organizations give rise to.

Feel free to contact us if you want to contribute your ideas to a sustainable world-class event!

Game Pep Match!

What is Game Pep Match?
Game Pep Match is a collaboration between BNP Paribas Nordic Open and Generation Pep, with the aim of promoting play and physical activity for children and youth through the use of the classic tennis wall.

The tennis wall will be available throughout Stockholm. On the painted tennis walls, children and youth can play together or individually. Rackets and balls will be provided through local community centers, associations, schools, and recreational facilities, depending on the areas.

What is Generation Pep?
Generation Pep is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that all children and youth have the desire and opportunity to live an active and healthy life by spreading knowledge and creating engagement throughout society. Generation Pep primarily focuses on two areas – physical activity and healthy eating habits.

For more information: or [email protected]

How should one think about exercise/movement/health?
Every movement counts! We know that there are significant health benefits from just adding a few minutes of physical activity to your day. For example, adding a movement break every day or starting to take the stairs instead of the elevator can do more for our health than we might think. Incorporating simple everyday movements is an easy way to start.

What can adults do to contribute to better health for children and youth? Do you have any good tips to share?
On Generation Pep's website, there are numerous tips for adults with children in their vicinity, but above all, it's about children following our actions, not just our words. If we ourselves sit still on the couch and scroll through our phones every evening, our children will likely do the same. However, if we start moving more, our children will see that and will likely want to join in. By each of us doing what we can, we can collectively help improve the well-being of all of Sweden.

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